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San Francisco Catering Company, INC. was established in 2005. Experienced with corporate events, private catering, weddings, picnics, promotions and conventions, we achieve results.

If you have a question about any catering or event planning service in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to contact us using one of the links or contact forms on this site. 

EVENT PROFESSIONALS connect with us via Linkedin



    “Everyone was very pleased with your catering. You were great, the food was fantastic and everything looked beautiful. So, thank you very very much. I really do appreciate that, and I truly appreciate you flexibility on that event.”

    Linda C.
    Verizon Wireless

    “Thanks a lot, you were great, the food was excellent. Everybody just was raving about it. You were just so professional and attentive, and I'm really happy with the way things turned out. Seeing I have never done anything like this before, it was definitely a good first experience for me, and I'd definitely refer you out to anyone that is looking for a good caterer.”  LISTEN

    Melissa P.

    “Thanks for being so cool and professional and looking out for us on the snap on gig, Mark. So glad it worked out! Thanks for all the cleanup…. And leaving behind some goodies for us out of the whole thing! I look forward to working with you on our next gallery event”

    Theron K.
    SFAE Gallery Owner


The location of your event will determining what is possible and which style of catering is best. Locations with adequate parking and/or a loading dock are optimal.

If you are looking for a venue in San Francisco, send us a note and we will try to assist. 


Timing is everything. An elegant reception at your home or office, a full service meal, and an all-day conference, all require proper setup and breakdown time. 

Allowing for at least one hour of setup and one hour of cleanup in additon to load times, will help assure a smooth event.


Serving delicious food #1. Having enough is critical. People like what we serve and we tend not to run out. No BS.

Experience at choosing the right combination of dishes is the key. Knowing your crowd and what they might enjoy (and will eat) can be tricky but getting it right satisfies all.


San Francisco Catering has great food, but deliveries to some locations during normal work hours are limited. 

Receptions and upscale events that are held off hours or during work hours and/or allow early access for setup excepted

2370 Market Street STE 305
San Francisco, CA 94114

Phone: +1 (415) 626-3663

Thanks for filling out this form! We will get back to you ASAP. If your request is time critical, or your event is within two weeks, you may consider calling us right away 415 841-2640